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  • How do I get better at Air Hockey?
    Score 7 points before they do... also check out these helpful free resources: The Centerline on Youtube: This channel contains a variety of videos focusing on different Air Hockey strategies, theory, offense and defensive tutorials, and more! Colin Cumming's Youtube channel: Check out ten time World Champion Colin Cumming's Youtube channel! A variety of videos are available, including offensive and defensive tutorials and match highlights. Gold Standard Games on Youtube: View this resource to learn more about the history of Air Hockey! "Say AH": A blog ran by four time World Champion Billy Stubb's with various information on Air Hockey strategies and tactics!
  • Where can I connect with other NC Air Hockey Players?
    Outside of participating in weekly Air Hockey Tournaments, there are multiple ways to stay connected with NC Air Hockey! Follow us on Instagram Join our Discord Channel Interact with us on Facebook Send us an email to be added to our Facebook group chat
  • How do Challenge Periods work?
    Challenge periods start on the 16th and go to the 15th of the following month (E.g. September 16th - October 15th). The one challenged has up until the 15th of the following month to accept the challenge. Once accepted, the match must be played by the deadline of the next challenge period (E.g. by November 15th). Priority is given to those who challenge by highest World Rank first, and then highest State Rank.
  • Is there a Rulebook for Air Hockey?
    There is! Please see the attached documents containing official USAA and North Carolina Air Hockey Rules. The documents below are previous versions for reference.
  • How can I request an Air Hockey Rank?
    Players are eligible to qualify for a North Carolina Air Hockey rank after competing in three Boxcar tournaments at any of the three locations. If you would like to request a rank, please email To qualify for a World rank, players can either compete in the annual World tournament, or defeat a current World ranked player in a Challenge Match.
  • What is the criteria for a Challenge Match?
    Players have three different options for the length of a challenge match: Best 2 out of 3 sets (Each set consists of best of 4 out of 7 games) Best 3 out of 5 sets (Each set consists of best of 4 out of 7 games) Best 4 out of 7 sets (Each set consists of best of 4 out of 7 games) The player with the highest rank who has been challenged decides the length of the match. Players will mutually agree on a location and time for the match within the current challenge period.
  • What is a Challenge Set?
    A challenge set is simply one, best 4 out of 7 set. If the lower ranked player wins the set, they will move up one rank. The higher ranked player will not have their rank changed, regardless of the outcome. Players can compete in up to one challenge set per day.
  • What is the difference between the "Beginners Bracket" and "Advanced Bracket"?
    The weekly air hockey tournament at Boxcar Raleigh currently has a "Beginners" and "Advanced" bracket available for players to compete in. The Beginners bracket is designed for new players to become acclimated to Air Hockey in a fun and less competitive fashion. After players win the Beginners bracket two times, they are no longer eligible to participate in Beginners and must participate in the Advanced bracket.
  • NC Air Hockey in the news?
    Air hockey glides to new popularity with statewide nonprofit Air hockey players glide to Durham for state championship tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

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